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Last Yoga session on Monday at 3:45

Hey everyone! We will have one more yoga session at 3:45 tomorrow, Monday, April 6th. It will be a 40 minute class.Thank you to my mom and Francis for coming almost every Monday!I'm changing our yoga class meetings to Thursdays at 4:00.  Will that work for...

Slow down, still exercise, free sample workouts

Hi Marble Yogis,How are you?  I'm just checking in to see if I can be of service to anyone.  I wanted to share to you another way that I stay healthy and active. Working out from home.  I have been a Beach Body coach for the last 3 years.  My favorite program so...

Yoga with Jaime Fiske

......... for your continued support of the yoga program that I offer at the school!Hey all!I'm feeling like I'm in a dream right now!  How are you feeling?I wish we could just click our heals 3 times and we would be back to normal.  I am going to admit that I...

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