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About – Tell us a little bit about yourselves and/or the owner/s

My mom and I own SUP Marble.  I, Jaime, first learned to Stand Up Paddle Board in La Ventana, Baja California in the Sea of Cortez.  Since then, I have SUPed on the Colorado rivers and lakes.  Cyndi, my mom and I became very interested in SUPing about 5-6 years ago.  We both attended the PSUPA (Professional Stand Up Paddle Board Association) Flat Water Level 1 Training hosted by Shaboomee.  Now we love our business called SUP Marble, Jaime is currently teaching Flat Water Level 1 PSUPA lessons and SUP Yoga through Breath on Board (Lindsay Gonzalez).  Both mom and daughter are passionate about promoting a “Voyage to Tranquility” through paddle boarding.


Your Paddling Experience

Jaime has been active in the race scene in Moab, UT.  The race is called Back of Bayond (https://backofbeyondsup.com/).  She has also paddled in a race in Denver.  She SUPs on the Roaring Fork River, Colorado River, Uncompahgre River.  She is learning to river surf on the Uncompahgre River in Montrose.


SUP Certifications

PSUPA Certified to teach SUP lessons, Flat Water Level 1 SUP Lessons, Certified by Shaboomee, Certified to teach SUP Yoga through Breath On Board.  


Please tells us more about your paddle location and service area. Anything that gets you excited about your paddle spot and want to show off we would love to hear about it.

We are located in the Crystal River Valley.  A pristine nook on the Western Slope of Colorado.  Marble is the name of our little town.  My parents have lived there since 1996 and they have traveled there as kids.  I started hanging out in Marble when I was still in middle school.  Beaver Lake has an amazing Mountain behind it called White House Mountain.  The lake is beautiful during every season!


Do you have a “signature” paddle tour or a paddle activity you are known for that a visiting paddler wouldn’t want to miss while visiting your area? (please describe)

We rent out SUPs to customers to take down to Beaver Lake or any of the surrounding lakes.  We love to teach Flat Water PSUPA lessons and SUP Yoga at Chair Mountain Ranch.


Are there any special seasonal, historical or cultural attractions; wild-life migrations or frequent animal sightings; environmental features, like: waterfalls, dunes, bluffs/cliffs, canyons, flora/fauna. . .you get the idea.

We have some great history in the town of Marble.  Marble used to be the hub of Marble stone production.  There is an incredible Mill Site that you can tour by foot, it also features a disc golf course.  Marble also has an old school house and museum that I, Jaime, teaches K-2 in.  There is an old jail house and some old houses around town.  You can see moose, bald eagles, and beavers at Beaver Lake.  The lake is surrounded by the Crystal River Valley Mountains.


When is your paddle season? Or do you paddle year-round?

Our paddle season is from May-October.


Can you recommend the best spot(s) for a post paddle bite or drink?

Slow Groovin’ Bar-B-Q, Propoganda Pie in Redstone.


Any suggestions for accommodations (Hotels, Inn’s, B&B’s, etc) that are close to your service area?

Beaver Lake Lodge & Cabins, Marble Hideaway Cabin, 


Are there any additional activities in the area you recommend?

Crystal River Jeep Tours, RPS 4-wheel rentals, Outwest Guides-horseback riding