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Hey SUPers! I wanted to offer the quick reminder before you head out in this early season to still check your W’s (and I’m adding a new one..)

💧Water – how cold is it? Dress for the water, not the weather. Wear your PFD!
💨Wind – it’s still windy in spring, what’s your max mph to get out on the water? Mine is sub 10mph. Whitecaps form at 13ish mph
🌊Waves – this one’s a little different for Colorado, but check the local lake and see if motorized boats are allowed. Heading to the river? Well, probably not yet because runoff hasn’t arrived 🤷‍♀️
⛈️Weather – what’s the forecast? Did you check the hourly? How’s the UV index today? It’s Spring – be prepared for anything.
⚙️ Worn down gear- how’s your equipment? Was it properly stored? If you have an inflatable, be sure to check for leaks before you go out on the ice cold water. How’s your PFD looking? Time to upgrade any equipment? Do you have your fins?
😽Whistle- wear a water proof whistle attached to your PFD.

Have fun! Be safe, and as always, Stay Stoked!