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Hi everyone! 
I've been kind of M.I.A. with my Thursday afternoon classes!  Summer gets really busy!  Tonight I am going to go River SUP from Carbondale to Iron Bridge at 5 if anyone wants to join!
In place of my teaching tonight, I thought I would forward everyone this information to use as needed.
Are there any times you are available that you would like me to teach yoga?
Also, I have been doing Family Yoga at the basketball court here in Marble.  My next family yoga class is at 9 a.m. on Monday, June 22nd.  Stop by if you would like to do some yoga! The first half an hour is kid focused the second half an hour can be more adult focused.
I hope everyone is well! 
Jaime Fiske
Behavioral Health Resources, Apps, Activities 
Coping with COVID-19 Stress 
Crisis & Behavioral Health Resources:
Colorado State Employee Assistance Program – CSEAP
Colorado Crisis Services, 24/7 crisis services – http://coloradocrisisservices.org/
A statewide resource that provides walk-in services for crisis intervention, referrals, or information. Crisis line: 1-844-493-8255 and Text “TALK” to 38255. The crisis support line and walk-in centers are confidential and are available 24/7/365.
List of Nation-Wide Crisis and Behavioral Health Resources – https://afsp.org/find-support/resources/
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline– https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/
Provides 24/7, free and confidential support for anyone experiencing distress and suicidal thoughts. Additionally, the organization offers prevention and crisis resources. 1-800-273-8255
National Alliance on Mental Illness– https://www.nami.org/
Mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. Local support resources available on website. 703-524-7600
Provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQI+ youth through the TrevorLifeline 866-488-7386, TrevorChat and TrevorText (text “TREVOR” to 202-304-1200).
Judi’s House – https://www.judishouse.org/
Provides support groups for children and their families grieving the death of a loved one from any cause, including suicide. 720-941-0331
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – https://afsp.org/
Find a Support Group for Children, Teens, and Suicide Loss
Part of the Mental Health Center of Denver, this is a multi-cultural clinic providing Spanish-language and bilingual outpatient mental health care to Denver’s Latino/Hispanic community. 303-504-7900
Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC)– https://coloradoblackhealth.org/
This organization is committed to improving the health and wellness in Colorado’s Black, African, and African-American communities through community events and programs, health resources, news and information, and works with a variety of partners throughout Colorado. 720-579-2126
Most recommended websites for Mindfulness and Self-Compassion:
Mindfulness: articles, techniques, videos, and lots of other helpful tools and resources – www.mindful.org
Tara Brach Website- free online meditation, podcasts, articles, and resources on self-compassion – https://www.tarabrach.com/
Brene Brown-articles, podcasts, TedTalks, and additional resources on self-work with shame and vulnerability – https://brenebrown.com/
Most recommended apps for coping skills and support:
Daylio enables you to keep a private journal without having to type a single line. Pick your mood and add activities you have been doing during the day. You can also add notes and keep an old school diary. Daylio is collecting recorded moods and activities in the statistics and calendar. This format will help you to understand your habits better. Keep track of your activities and create patterns to become more productive!
Fear Tools
FearTools is an evidence-based app designed to help you combat anxiety, aiding you on your road to recovery. This application is especially useful for those suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Phobias, and Social Anxiety Disorder
Mood Tools aims to support people with clinical depression by aiding the path to recovery. Discover helpful videos that can improve your mood and behavior, log and analyze your thoughts using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles, develop a suicide safety plan and more.
Mind Shift is one of the best mental health apps designed specifically for teens and young adults with anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid anxious feelings, Mind Shift stresses the importance of changing how you think about anxiety. Think of this app as the cheerleader in your pocket, encouraging you to take charge of your life, ride out intense emotions, and face challenging situations. 
Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM)
SAM might be perfect for you if you’re interested in self-help, but meditation isn’t your thing. Users are prompted to build their own 24-hour anxiety toolkit that allows you to track anxious thoughts and behavior over time, and learn 25 different self-help techniques. You can also use SAM’s “Social Cloud” feature to confidentially connect with other users in an online community for additional support.
Sleepio is a six week sleep improvement program. It has been designed by sleep expert Prof Colin Espie and features the latest Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques.
Calm promises that you’ll “sleep more, stress less, and live better.” How? Through guided meditation, relaxing music and sounds for sleep, videos on mindful movement and stretching, mindfulness classes, and images of nature.
Insight Timer – Insight Timer is a large, app-based library of guided meditations. The free version includes 30,000 free meditations, including a group specifically made to aid your sleep.
Headspace  Many therapists recommend meditation for stress relief, and Headspace can help you learn how to do it with lighthearted (and very cute) cartoons guiding each meditation.
CBT Thought Record Diary
The centerpiece of cognitive-behavioral therapy is changing your emotions by identifying negative and distorted thinking patterns. You can use CBT Thought Record Diary to document negative emotions, analyze flaws in your thinking, and reevaluate your thoughts. This is a great app for gradually changing your approach to anxiety-inducing situations and your thinking patterns for future situations.
If you’re having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm, distrACT works to give you quick, accurate information about these thoughts and how to get through them. The app was created by doctors who have expertise in self-harm and suicide prevention.
Here’s another for those out there who want games to relieve their stress. Happify claims to have science-backed games to reduce stress and help you live a happier life.
Stop, Breathe, and Think
Check-in with your emotions to receive daily meditation and mindfulness recommendations tuned to how you feel. This calming meditation app experience is uniquely designed to help you stay mindful, de-stress, sleep better, and build the emotional strength and confidence to handle life’s ups and downs. Mindfulness & meditation is the practice, Stop, Breathe & Think is the process.
What’s Up
What’s up is an amazing free app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods to help you cope with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and more. Use the positive and negative habit tracker to maintain your good habits, and break those that are counterproductive. We particularly love the “Get Grounded” page, which contains over 100 different questions to pinpoint what you’re feeling, and the “Thinking Patterns” page, which teaches you how to stop negative internal monologues. Try it out for yourself.
Additional wellness-related apps:
Android Market
Music and Sounds
Calming Music to Tranquilize 
Relax & Sleep 
Relaxing Sounds 
Relax Melodies 
Relax Melodies 
Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite 
Sleep Sounds Ambient Effects for Free 
Sleep Stream 2 
and Yoga
Buddhist Meditation Trainer 
Breathe 2 Relax 
Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation 
Tactical Breather
Yoga Workout Planner 
Sleep Easily Meditation by Shazzie 
Tactical Breather 
Daily Yoga Free 
PTSD Coach 
Stress Tracker 
T2 Mood Tracker 
iQuarium Virtual Fish
Relaxation Portal 
Virtual Hope Box
Affirmations Inspired by Nature 
PTSD Coach 
T2 Mood Tracker 
Virtual Hope Box 
Virtual Activities and Educational supports:
15 Broadway Plays and Musicals You Can Watch on Stage from Home – https://www.playbill.com/article/15-broadway-plays-and-musicals-you-can-watch-on-stage-from-home
Yogis Anonymous- Free 15day trial; or 1month free online yoga with coupon code: stayhealthy – https://yogisanonymous.com/
Yoga Ed- Resources and free online yoga courses for children and teens – https://academy.yogaed.com/
Planet Fitness Daily Workout: Free FB Live stream of at home workouts you can do- daily at 7pm – https://www.planetfitness.com/
Free Trauma-informed Meditation and Yoga practices – https://mailchi.mp/01c0e1a7bdb0/coronasupport
How to talk to children about COVID-19
Talking to Children 
CO Sun – How to Talk to Your Kids