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Colorado State Regulations

Anyone who uses a Colorado state wildlife area for any use — from paddleboarding to hiking — must have a valid hunting or fishing license, (even if you are not fishing or hunting) to enter any of the 350 wildlife areas, including Beaver Lake.


Beaver Lake Regulations

It is illegal to use Beaver Lake for several historic uses, including:

  1. Dogs. “Dogs are only allowed while actively hunting, training for hunting or during Division licensed field trials.”
  2. Water contact activities. “Swimming, wading (except for the purpose of fishing or hunting), waterskiing, surfing, sail surfboarding, scuba diving, and other water-related activities which put a person in contact with the water” are forbidden at Beaver Lake.
  3. “To launch, or take out vessels, except those being actively used for fishing and/or hunting.” A vessel “means every description of watercraft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation of persons and/or property on water. This includes but is not limited to single and multi-chambered stand-up paddleboards, float tubes, and tubes.”
  4. Biking. It is illegal “to operate any form of vehicle, or bicycle (motorized or non-motorized) except on established roads open to public motor vehicle use or within designated camping or parking areas.”
  5. Unlicensed occupation. It is illegal “to enter, use or occupy any State Wildlife Area or portion thereof for all persons 16 years of age and older without: a hunting license valid for the current license year, a valid fishing license, or a valid Colorado State Wildlife Area pass.”

We are currently in a year’s ‘grace period’ during which CPW personnel will periodically patrol the shores of Beaver Lake, and, if not fishing, people will be told that their usage is, in fact illegal. Illegal use will be enforced next year.   If you have opinions about allowable uses at Beaver Lake, you can contact CPW by emailing Matt Yamashita at Matt.Yamashita@state.co.us (mailto:Matt.Yamashita@state.co.us).   Thank y ou! The Marble Crystal River Chamber

Year of transition for Beaver Lake, Aug 2, 2023, to Aug 2, 2024